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Those who will participate in Riot they will see what will happen to them

Chief of the Police Force (IGP), Simon Sirro, said his army was firmly in the fight against people wishing to bring about conflicts in the country, pleading with those who wished to participate in riot what would happen to them they will regret

IGP Sirro has issued the statement today (April 7, 2018) while submitting his greetings to President Dr. She was shot dead in the field of Sheikh Amri Abeid in Arusha after launching a soldier's house and witnessing the warrior's exhibition in the fight against crime.

"Mr. President Magufuli Your army is firmly established in the fight against all the people who want to bring peace to the country and, of course, the people are there with you and your army, but I want to give you free advice to all who are intent on polluting our country, are to leave them immediately and if they see that advice worthless then we should not bother one another, "said IGP Sirro.

 Despite this, IGP Sirro has continued to say "there is a mobilization on the networks, and I say I believe they have been on the network and have finished their protest, so the most important thing we have to build is our country".

On the other hand, IGP Sirro said in the period from January to February 2018 there were 96.336 cases of criminal incidents compared to 104,073 cases reported in the same period in 2017.

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