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We have discovered the tacties of the Ethiopians "Yanga"

Yanga leading activities under  George Lwandamina, has attacked their opponents, Wolayta Dicha of Ethiopia, who has now decided to finish the game at home to avoid sneaking out on the move.  

Tomorrow Saturday, Yanga and Wolayta News from Ethiopia will win at the National Stadium in Dar as the first round of the African Federation Cup winner to get a chance to qualify for the Champions League tournament.

Yanga, who was previously participating in the African Champions League before being cast to the African Federation Cup, was unable to make good use of a home-based field which is not yet reluctant to repeat, as they have decided to set up the game in Dar es Salaam.

The first strategy is to camp camp in Morogoro after I have had to do so due to the fact that putting the team in Dar to prepare is not the same.

Yanga's Information Officer, Dismas Ten, said the Morogoro camp was quiet because the technical bench would like to put a team there.

"We realize that our revenge game will not be played Addis Ababa but will be played in the City of Hawassa, which is about 100 miles [100 km] from the city of Addis Ababa.

"As a result, we need to create a good environment by winning the game at home so that we go to them to be sure to move ahead and not to start looking fo
r victory, our team is in a very good condition.

"Donald Ngoma and Thabani Kamusoko are part of the players who are practicing and enjoying, so it's the responsibility of the teacher to see whether he will use them or not," said Ten.

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