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Zidane steps down as real madrid manager.

        The news that we got is that zinedine zidane has left the manager seat empty meaning that he is no longer a madrid coach and since taking the team in january 2016 he has won 3 UEFA cup,1 la liga, 2 UEFA super cups,2 fifa club world cup and super copa de espana

         Speaking after the victory over Liverpool , Zidane appeared to be preparing for his departure, saying: ‘This is a legendary club.  

          ‘This is a club that has won 13 European Cups so I’m happy to be part of this history. ‘We are going to think about what we achieved, enjoy the moment first. This is the most important thing now.’ 

             After taking several days to reflect, Zidane has opted to call time on his trophy-laden two-and-a-half year tenure: ‘I love this club, I love the president. ‘He gave me the opportunity to come as a player and now manager and I am eternally grateful. ‘But we have to change.
        ’ President Florentino Perez added: ‘After winning the Champions League, the decision was unexpected. It is a sad day for me, the fans and the players. But he knows I wanted him as a player and as a manager.also he said ‘I wanted him to stay forever and I wanted to convince him to stay. But I know it was his final decision. All I want to do is remind him that this club is his home and family. ‘I went to his house yesterday to see if he was prepared. He told me that he was convinced he wanted to go. I want to thank him for his commitment and passion to Real Madrid. ‘His behaviour has always been an example for all and representative of Real. I don’t want this to be a goodbye but a ‘see you soon’. I have no doubt he will come back soon.’

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