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Know why many lovers break off their relationship

Have you ever wondered why some of the sexual relationships die prematurely, if not die then they decline in such relationships? One of the reasons that does not cause the death of relationships is the tendency to break off prematurely in relationships and one of the main causes that causes early breakdown is:

1. Conversation
Conversation is an important way to build and strengthen a marriage, either a shortcut to divorce and hate each other. A woman who does not know when and when to say, gets herself in a difficult time in her marriage. For example: Every woman who speaks to her husband begins her conversation with problems and blame makes her husband feel scared when she hears her voice, and sees a painful home, because no human wants to hear the problems all the time.

This kind of woman is eagerly waiting for her husband, and when she arrives and even before she gets , she starts reading a list of problems; The kids have been returned to school, the payroll has not been paid, your aunt has called the uncle to be hospitalized Hospital and so on. This kind of house is getting faster with a couple of friction.

2.Too much dating
The relationship between a couple is a good thing, in the sense of each other's knowing one another, but the mutual disagreement can produce a particular disrespect for the woman's attention by neglecting her hygiene, dress, dressing, home discipline and general planning.

Many problems in the home can be caused by one or more of these behaviors, which may be irritable and disrespectful, but rather interchangeable, for example: wedding days a woman cares deeply about her hygiene, a stylish dress of clothes, a hygiene cleanliness with high quality discipline, food catering focused on visual and creative, receptional and sometimes even hugging her husband back from work.

But after all these changes change, a woman feels uncomfortable to show her husband, she feels that they have grown old now, and you will often find this uniform one from morning until she gets up in bed at night, Hinna's stuff, fashion clothes , lounge, perfume, garnish and gold do when they come out of the hall and not at home. These are the ones to come in, and the correct interpretation is disgust.

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