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Tundu Lissu gave the word Edward Lowassa after returning to CCM

Opposition politicians in Tanzania, Tundu Lissu who is also a member of Singida East
has expressed his view immediately after the prime minister, Edward Lowassa moved to CHADEMA and returned to the CCM.

The CHADEMA General Attorney General in Belgium has kindly asked Lowassa for his return to CCM. Below is the message he wrote to Lissu;

Edward Lowassa himself said he had returned home. The meaning is that he was
'insider' since July 2015. Did not buy or bought our Party as we were told there

We welcomed him and entrusted him with the responsibility to lead us in the 2015 fight
he carried out these tasks as well as he could, and as we did. Fruits of
his work, and our work, are known.Now the 'move' course has won him. Opposition crosses have been very heavy.

She has decided to come back home 'to relax. Perhaps he is now his cousin who is in jail in Cecafa
will get cheaper in court.

Perhaps he will now be returned to his field of Handeni and the Ranchi of Dodoma; and they will stop worrying about other fields that they have threatened to rob.

Perhaps now TRA will stop paying off with unpaid tax debt as much as the billions of dollars
You're Acacia Mining. And maybe they will now stop threatening to seize her legal benefits as retired Prime Minister.

Instead of cursing him for our 'departure' leave, I wish him every good and good 'home'. We will continue our journey to Canaan. (end of quotation).

You will remember Edward Lowassa joined CHADEMA in July 2015 after his name was nominated in the process of finding a presidential candidate within the CCM. In March this year he announced to return to the CCM at the existing party offices in Dar es Salaam and received by the CCM National Chairperson, President John Magufuli.

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